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Cerberus Strength Australia

Cerberus Strength was established in 2012 by Calum Liptrot and Peter MacDonald-Brown.

Both active lifters, they were frustrated by the lack of choice, poor quality and high cost of training supports available in the UK.

With over 30 years combined experience in the fitness industry they knew what was required from these products and set out to design and develop their own range. Cerberus Strength was born.

As co-owners of a strongman strength training facility and training with some of the world’s top strength athletes they had the perfect opportunity to test their supports at the highest level. This guaranteed the durability, quality and strength of the products ensuring the ultimate competitive edge.

Every single Cerberus Strength product has been designed with performance in mind with the highest attention to detail.

Cerberus Strength has evolved into a global brand symbolising quality and trust. Our ever growing product range is used by top athletes around the world at the highest level of competition.

#cerberusstrength #teamcerberus #defeatdestroydevour is owned and operated in Canberra, Australia to provide an affordable, realistic outlet to purchase high quality supplements that aren’t ridiculously overpriced to assist with our health and fitness goals. believes supplements aren’t necessary at all and that we should strive to get our required nutrients from whole food sources. In saying that, life steps in and its quite hard to do the above on a consistent, daily basis. That’s where supplements come into play, they fill the gaps. Ensuring though that these gaps are filled with high quality products is the key. That’s what Supps42 aims to help you with! 
What you see is what you get with! The price of each product is the exact price you will pay. Free shipping is included with all orders and there is no minimum spend. Supps42 are proud to offer ACT residents same day delivery for all orders placed before 2pm, Monday through Sunday, 7 days a week! 
The products and brands listed on are at a price that is cost-effective and worth the investment. They are products of the highest quality and the best the industry has to offer. provides honest, straight-up information that other companies don’t want you to know but information you deserve to know.  

Laser Clinics Australia

Since the first clinic opened in 2008 Laser Clinics Australia (LCA) has established a dominant position in the cosmetic 
clinic market.

LCA have carved a new niche,
creating an exceptionally strong brandand large customer base through the supply of affordable, accessible and reliable cosmetic treatments.

Largely known for laser hair removal for a permanent reduction in hair growth, the experienced therapists at LCA use medical grade technology of which is regarded as the world’s most efficient hair reduction system.

With Australia’s most experienced network of skin care professionals, LCA specialises in a range of non-invasive skin treatments to help revitalise your skin by targeting many areas – wrinkles, veins, scar or acne reduction, or simply create a more radiant complexion. Services include but not limited to microdermabrasion, dermal rolling, pigmentation removal, cosmetic grade peels, vascular vein removal, skin tightening and LED light therapy.

LCA have also set the bar in the industry as a preferred choice for cosmetic injections.  Wrinkles and volume loss are a natural part of the ageing process – our skin gets thinner and our body decreases its production of natural collagen and elastin. You can prevent and reduce the effect of wrinkles with cosmetic injectables. LCA possess a highly experienced medical team that understand the science behind ageing, and with thorough facial analysis can recommend a cosmetic injection treatment for a fresh you.

Gym Meals Direct

Gym Meals Direct was founded in mid-2015 for one reason…We loved the gym, and we enjoyed eating tasty, nutritious food. Although it sounded straightforward enough, cooking nutritious and delicious meals, that still help us achieve our goals in the gym, was hard work.

Firstly, there was finding the time to cook. Doing it every day became a drag, especially with the gym, work, kids, and families. Like most people, we thought the answer was the infamous Sunday night meal-prep. This involved hours of weighing meat, cooking rice, slaving away in the kitchen and laying out Tupperware containers. And finally, when the prep was done, then there was the mountain of washing up to do after.

Secondly, there was trying to make the food taste good. Let’s face it; we aren’t all Gordon Ramsey. Keeping meat moist and succulent all week can be a real challenge. Making it edible was hard enough work, let alone crafting it to be delicious, tender and well…enjoyable. Making rice and chicken taste as delicious as a restaurant quality meal seemed like a pipe dream.

There were many companies that offered to do this service for us, who claimed to deliver delicious, fresh and nutritious meals to our doors. This sounded great to us, so we tried them all (and we mean ALL). Meal company after meal company promised us what we had dreamed of, but, sadly, all fell short. Tired of cardboard tasting chicken and rice meals, we finally decided to do something about it ourselves. Disenchanted with the current state of fitness based meal companies, we decided to take matters into our hands, we took an oath against frozen meals and decided to do things right. It was at this moment; Gym Meals Direct was born.

&Strike Complete Beauty Prep

With years of experience in the hair and beauty industry, &Strike was established to provide an end to end beauty prep and photoshoot service. &Strike prides themselves on the perfect tan application for stage and behind the lens. Significant market research has gone into ensuring that every client has the perfect tan to work with stage lighting and flash photography, that is lasting, wont blotch or run when hitting those poses.

&Strike has worked with numerous makeup campaigns (including BYS Cosmetics) and various publications in both fitness and fashion modelling.

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