Mindset, a powerful resource used by the world’s elite.  It is a highly effective tool if applied with self-belief and conviction. Like all skills, it requires practice and reinforcement if it is to play a significant role in personal growth.

After years of doubt, insecurity and accommodating to others, I now appreciate the benefits of maintaining a positive approach toward life’s challenges and despite adversities we all face at times, I am learning to master my thought process with committed intent and a clear vision of the goals I seek to pursue. In the end we are masters of our own destiny. Mastering your mindset, being bold enough to live on your terms without apology is a very formidable conviction to own.  

More than ever, self-designation as well as popular opinion are crucial in defining public perception. How am I viewed? Does my ambition correlate with professional scrutiny? Am I being pigeonholed?  I understand being constantly examined is part of the social media world.  I choose to do much of my business in this world.  Can I influence outcomes?  How do I identify on certain platforms?  Is my journey evolving and drawing nearer my goals? 

Adversity is often twofold; you learn and you improve.  I enjoy the road less travelled.  I embrace adversity and am guilty at times of instigating an environment of self-imposed hardship. In a perverse way it steels my resolve and provides some checks and balances.  It also keeps me grounded, because at times I fail!  I don’t stay there for long – my dogged attitude and stubbornness for amendment is overriding.

Some call it obsession, others stupidity.  In the end I sing and dance to My Tunes.  My talent is a relentlessness to never give up.  My motivation is simply to do better.  Yes, better than my competitors, my contemporaries and myself.  Unashamedly I want to win!  I do not want a participation trophy and a whole lot of artificial praise.

Sometimes there will be some who don’t believe or share the same passion. Often talent does not decide if you succeed.  Attitude and mindset is a huge factor in someone’s success.  In many instances it is the underdog that exhibits the highest competitive spirit. Heart, passion and the mindset to push through resistance are the real essences of success.

Ambitions should be high.  Some say, “a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”  Do not diminish or shrink because others are uncomfortable or overwhelmed with your volume of ambition.  Mediocrity is not part of this job description, so take it off the CV.  This is loving yourself.  In a world where no one wants to be different, I see beauty in imperfection. I choose to be Raw; Bold; Honest; Strong; Fierce; a hunter; a non-conformist; sassy and unapologetically me.

Journal your aspirations and appreciate the necessary sacrifices.  Have a clear vision as this will allay fear and build work ethic, self-belief and leave no option other than to see it materialise. Believe, don’t settle and be disagreeable toward mediocrity.  Personal growth is my addiction.  Anyone can hustle, anyone can work hard physically, but the real magic exists in our minds. It’s always possible to improve your experience and self-awareness.

My ultimate vision is to be positive and influential, providing a legacy where it is in vogue to be emotionally and physically strong, while embracing the gentle, nurturing and affectionate qualities all women possess – empowerment, responsibility, inspiration and encouraging the pursuit of those moments we can’t put into words.

At the end of the day it’s not what you have, or what you may have accomplished, it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better and what you’ve given back.

This is why I do what I do….Passion….an abundance of passion residing in my soul. When you let your heart be the compass you can’t get lost…not if you trust it.

No one has a right to the cards we believe we should have been dealt. However it most certainly is our obligation to play the ones we are holding.

Never settle and always be chasing butterflies,

Lauren Ashleigh


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